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All About Shu Ha Ri

the Why
Behind our
eduScrum Learning Path

We don‘t believe in eduScrum® as a tool.
We believe in our eduScrum® students, teachers, and educators
empowering and learning with as well as from each other.
Our eduScrum® Community is the place built and building up by this belief.

2021 - the Second eduScrum® Decade has begun
eduScrum® enters the second decade of its exciting development in 2021. From its first use in a teaching project in the chemistry lessons of eduScrum® inventor Willy Wijnands eduScrum® made its leap into further teaching projects, subjects, other schools, other types of schools, diverse areas of education as well as in more than 40 different countries. Numerous experiences in applying and teaching eduScrum® have developed into the eduScrum® Shu Ha Ri learning path.
Shu Ha Ri
The term 'Shu Ha Ri ' is often associated in Europe with Japanese martial arts. A connection that also exists for eduScrum®, as Willy Wijnands always incorporates his experience as an Aikido teacher into all other educational areas. 'Shu Ha Ri' corresponds to the idea of learning in stages, as there is, for example, also in crafts. Taking this comparison further, in the 'Shu' level, the learner is to be seen as an apprentice, observing mindfully, following procedures and instructions to discover and understand. In the 'Ha' level, it is time to leave the tracks a bit and add more and more of one's own ideas and developments to the learning process. Working towards a 'journeyman's piece' is a good transfer for this. Trial and error and discovery are called for. As soon as someone in the 'Ha' level is equal to the 'master' in knowledge and ability, he can continue to create, teach, and bring in his style. In the 'Ri' level, we have made the experience in different areas of life, but especially at eduScrum®, that even when teaching starts in the 'Ha' level, learning never stops in the 'Ri.' Whoever continues to follow the Shu Ha Ri path in eduScrum® thus gains 'teaching' and 'learning' mastery.
Inspire, Practice and Think Anew
The eduScrum® Shu Ha Ri path is intended to give all those connected to the eduScrum® Community, in their learning level, orientation, support, and extensive opportunities for their personal learning path together with other companions. Let the landmarks of the eduScrum® Shu-Ha-Ri path presented here inspire you. Maybe you will soon be accompanied by our eduScrum® team with extensive experience, individual and team-oriented training & workshops, as well as the joy of always thinking eduScrum® along and anew.

3 Ways to Go

Where would you like to enter your Learning Path

We love to hike with you!

our Shu Ha Ri Path is more than just training program

Find your Way to become an
eduscrum Practitioner

eduScrum Practitioner are people who join our eduScrum Community and stay in the Community of Practice for Teachers, Researchers and/or Learning Organizations. Additionally, eduScrum Practitioners invite others to share their expertise in the versatile fields connected with eduScrum. When you decide to join the Practitioner Program (joining at least 3 Practitioner Workshops and setting up at least 2 Practitioner Workshops) within two years you can get the corresponding Certificate "eduScrum Certified Practitioner - Definition of Doing". More info.

Life-Long-Learning and Kaizen

For Learning Organizations

Working together in an agile way means following the idea of continuous improvement (KAIZEN) and learning together. In the face of complex, dynamically evolving challenges, it is becoming increasingly essential for organizations to foster this learning with and from each other.

In our classrooms and learning spaces we have experienced that small, self-organized teams can boost the learning progress of bigger learning groups. During the last years, we encountered more and more innovative educators in adult education, agile coaches, organizational ad personnel development managers using eduScrum as a bridge to Scrum, initiating, fostering and facilitating organizational learning.

You can't learn in depth about eduScrum when you don't give it a try, experience it, experiment, inspect and adapt in transparent way together. What we have encountered in the educational environment of schools and universities, we also offer for organizations fostering their own learning by building up "learning task forces" supported and fostered by the methodological framework eduScrum.

You are interested in the learning steps and our case studies. Here you get further information.

Giving Wings to Students & Teachers

For Teachers & Students

eduScrum is an adaptation of Scrum for all forms of education.
eduScrum turns education upside down!

eduScrum is an active form of collaboration, with which students in teams complete assignments according to a fixed rhythm. They plan and determine their own activities and keep track of progress. The teacher 'determines' the assignments, coaches and gives advice.

eduScrum can give you wings!
But when you don't explain the WHY
you can't fly.

With eduScrum, students become the owners of their own learning process, resulting in intrinsic motivation, fun, personal growth and better results. The teacher determines the WHY and the WHAT, the students the HOW. A groundbreaking way of education, where personalized learning plays a very important role, just like the 4 C's: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication & Critical thinking.

eduScrum serves a powerful methodological framework without solving didactic issues and the choice of motivating learning products as well as the way to sharing a common why within the learner teams.

Our communities of practice for students, teachers, and educators support you to get started. Together with other teachers you find the way of implementing eduScrum that suits the needs of your learners, you and the curriculum you are responsible for.

Before you step in, you can experience the "Community of Practice feeling" in the last session of your eduScrum Grade 1 Basic Training. More info

Academic Research & Citizen Science

Research Fellowship

Within our international eduScrum Community also researchers found their places to co-create, collaborate and research in the fields of agile education and teamwork.

And we love to share and expand our research expertise in education using also tools and aspects of eduScrum. By the way, did you know professors in higher education uses eduScrum to accompany the research process of their students? Our eduScrum core research team offers regularly "Agile in Education Gatherings - inspired by eduScrum". The next ones takes place:

August 13th and 14th, 5 - 8 pm (CET)
December 17th and 18th, 2 - 5 pm (CET)

Click here to get more information about our research track.

Are you looking for a community of like-minded researchers. If so, take the first step and join one of our "Agile in Education Gatherings - inspired by eduScrum" and if you feel comfortable our research team would love to welcome you in the community of practice. By the way, one time a month our European Citizen Science Community of Practice meets up. Click here to get more information.

How it works

Study the Material in our Open Library

Get in Touch with us

Join your first Training

Practice in teams & Join our Community of Practice - learn, Teach & Co-Create

3 different Ways to go on the eduScrum Shu Ha Ri Learning Path

eduScrum® FOR

Learning Organizations

eduScrum® for passionate, value-driven people and educators co-working in companies & associations
Level I - Certification
eduScrum® for Learning Organizations
Starts in September

For more Info get in contact with us

Level II - Certification
eduScrum® for Learning Organizations - Community of Practice & extended Open Library access for 12 months - open during Summer 2021 for eduScrum Community

Our Community of Practice has already opened up for members of the eduScrum Community. More info here.

[Are you interested to combine a Scrum Master Certifcation Scrum.Inc Traning with eduScrum® preliminary basics? - More info here.]

Students &

who would like to learn to fly within their learning space by applying the methodological framework eduScrum®
Grade I - Certification
eduScrum® certified Student (Definition of Ready)
€ 600
Grade I Training
plus € 75 for
Grade II Community of Practice

(costs for international training, for training possibilities in your country get in contact with us)

eduScrum® Certified Teacher - Community of Practice (Definition of Done) & extended Open Library access for 12 months

[It's not possible for you to join because of the costs. Get in touch with us and we can think together about other ways to make your contribution.]

Researchers & Curious Seekers

who believe that agile learning & co-creating can have an impact and can make a difference
Research Fellowship
eduScrum® for Researchers of agile Learning & Co-Creating
"Agile in Education Gathering - inspired by eduScrum"
Ticket & Research Fellowship: € 150.00

(costs for internat. research fellowship, for getting in touch with researchers next to you, click here)

By Researchers for Researchers Join the "Agile in Education Gathering - inspired by eduScrum" and stay for your Academic Research & Citizen Science Fellowship & Full Open Library Access for 12 months

[Are you a student? If so, you can join for € 75. Just get in touch with us. We are looking forward to your message!]


You would like to hike on the eduScrum Shu Ha Ri Learning Path together with the teams next to you? Of course you can ask for an eduScrum inhouse training including individual support for its implementation in your practical educational environment and organization.

If you would like to get more information, please, get in touch with us...

Become an eduScrum Practitioner

Our Communities of Practice build up the heart of the eduScrum® community. We are grateful and happy that the members of our eduScrum® community have a versatile professional background within various fields of expertise.

eduScrum® connects different people all over the world who can inspire each other in a beautiful way. When you decide to stay in our Community of Practice after giving the first contribution to finishing Grade II, Level II or Degree II you can step into the eduScrum® Practitioner section of our Shu Ha Ri Learning Path. Are you curious about this section? Take a look by clicking on the button below.

More Info about the eduScrum® Practitioner: Map & Current Sessions Coming Soon

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an individual Guide?

Would you like to find out where to start and where to go on our Shu Ha Ri Learning Path. If so, just take one of the following three chances:

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